The Revolution

When I think about the revolution I think about a lot of things, but ultimately they are all one. All the elements of the Revolution come together and flow to and from one another. The Revolution becomes the entire world. We begin with ourselves, the acknowledgment that we don’t need someone else to tell us how to live our lives.

That is part of the beginning, that and the injustice, all the pain you have seen in the world. You begin to see it was all unnecessary or rather so much of it was unnecessary. This suffering was largely based on decisions people made, not giving a fuck about the outcome for poor people.

A lot of people start to cling to some various ideology, some promise of salvation: in another leader, in some other government. Most people just let it go and they give up. “That’s just the way it is,” they say. Or if you question the status quo, you may get the lovely question, “what are you some kind of fucking terrorist?” Or the kindly advice “Love it or leave it,” from those who haven’t bothered or were too bothered and disturbed to look at it for too long, too scared to face the truth.

So you see that all these assholes have power over you, and they are assholes and the power is without purpose or point. There is no reasonable explanation when all one can honestly ultimately offer is, “that is just that way it is done.” If you push too hard you’ll get pushed back. They want to herd the masses to nationalism, to the ongoing cruel rule of corporations over the people, trying to poison children for generations to come. You wonder about all of this, you wonder about the imaginary lines the world is divided up into. How each area is ruled over by a small group of rich people for the most part. And even some of the countries rule over other countries. And the people are screwed coming and going.

The interests of the people are almost universally the same, but every effort is made to hide this and divide the people. All of the injustices seen and unseen are interconnected and stopping them and destroying whatever it is that perpetuates them is the same. The Revolution is everything. It is building a new world together and we have the ability to do that. We will need to find how it can work. This effort will not be a hegemonic new political party, it will be a sea of communities trying to create social mutation between them. Building on the work of other communities, communicating between communities about the results of their experimentation, their ideas, their inspirations, their successes and failures. Communities that are empowered to provide long term solidarity and assistance and resistance when necessary to themselves and to other communities.

For this to work we will need a fundamental shift in how activism is understood. This is already beginning, alternatives to the old forms, new methods, approaches, experimentation, exploration and discovery. We are undertaking what is the most sophisticated of human endeavors, The Revolution. It must build a world in which we are satisfied and fulfilled.

We are in striking distance of this new world. And the experiments abound. We must seek to accelerate these efforts, as we are in a race against many elements. Immediate injustice, devastation, potential disaster and longer term dangers are what we face. These elements come together in that they complement basic strategic necessities of this undertaking.

We must meet fascism in the streets to reduce the fear and intimidation. Where possible demonstrations should focus on causing real economic impacts. Alongside this we must begin to organize on many levels, the required elements for this resistance. Strikes only work if you have the necessary systems in place to support the strikers. These efforts should be community scale and community focused. Empowering communities sustainably will make the cause stronger. Substantial outreach, networking and ongoing dialogue and open communication is of the utmost importance between organizing efforts. The strength of this organizing and networking should be brought to bare against injustice wherever it presents itself and should seek out to provide solidarity and lines of communication to like minded groups and people.

All of these efforts help to establish the power necessary for this new force to meet all resistance and overcome. This new federation of like minded communities cooperating in interdependent systems can begin working to alleviate hunger, building alternative 21st century localized community controlled infrastructure and providing for the well-being of all the community while empowering itself to be able to defend this.

These experimental communities should seek to maximize well-being and the capacity for the individual and community body to interact seamlessly without overstepping the rights of the individual and not under assisting community members in need. Decisions should be as localized as possible and decisions should be made by those who are affected by the decision. Simultaneously, these communities should not tolerate injustice and seek to expose and destroy it wherever it is, immediately. Again all of this only enhances the capacity to assist in ending injustice, none of this is opposed or antithetical to that goal.

The technological capacity is already present, we could begin to implement these designs around the world immediately with much of what is already present in our lives. The existing groups and organizations working on community sustainability, bioremediation, permaculture, community spaces, and more “radical” efforts, reclaiming space, protests and demonstrations. All of these efforts and the communication technology available are enough if the people begin to intelligently and non-ideologically undertake to discover a shared vision of a better world. First with those closest to them, in mind, space, spirit, politics, sentiments and expanding out to other groups who have a similar shared vision and this larger collection of expanding out networking and organizing around and toward this shared vision. Not fighting for some country or company or banner. But building a better world for this shared vision, a vision we all contribute to, that lives and changes as life goes on.

We are at an important point in history, a point where we can move on to another stage of human evolution, of social mutation, a beautiful future or we have a dark path filled with dystopic nightmares, potential extinction or maybe even seeding the universe with a demon that is something for another conversation entirely.

We must win this world here on earth. We will not survive this otherwise. We must continue on this path, of totalistic revolution. In which everyone plays a part and will eventually require all of humanity. This can be something we will see in our lives if we make it happen now. Nothing stands in the way, it could be a better world in short order.