A-rise : A Brief Account of the Recent Past

By Titas Biswas

They bombed Syria.
They poisoned children.
They polluted the atmosphere.
They ruined Kashmir.
They shot Federico Garcia Lorca.
They orgasmed in the pleasure of war.
They caused the famine in Yemen.
They created an Adityanath,a Netanyahu,an Erdogan,a Modi,a Clinton,an Obama and a Trump.
They murdered poets.
They pretend to heal the civilization’s endless wounds while backstabbing the era in every fraction of a moment.
They genocide,they bomb.
They do not speak for us,for none of us to be precise.
They only kill in the intoxication of an urge to rise to another powerful position.
We have died many deaths.
We,each one of us today is a sheep in a slaughterhouse.
The walls must be broken now.Someone must break the walls,someone must paint,someone must scream,someone must die playing his piano,someone must fly a kite,someone must open the doors,someone must write.Someone,out of nowhere should rise as a swan in a shadowed
mid-afternoon and enamour the liquidity,someone – someone must rise amidst this bloody dead time.

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