The Rise of Fascism in India

While many in the west are frightened of their own local fascist manifestations, India is descending deeper into its own fascist abyss. And we are not paying close enough attention.

The recent murder of Gauri Lankesh shined some light on the state of affairs in India to those in the west. Lankesh was a journalist working on an article exposing corruption in the BJP, India’s Fascist Hindu Supremacist Party. Her murder is just the latest in a string of strikingly similar assassinations of BJP critics.

In India, the BJP and the broader Hindu Supremacist Fascist movement in power now is at once just as brutal as any supremacist fascism globally and yet much more sophisticated. The BJP has paid particular attention to its presentation and is disturbingly well orchestrated. It comes as no surprise that the BJP has in the past used PR firms tied to Tobacco companies to push its agenda and clean up its image.

On top of well orchestrated PR and branding, and targeted assassinations of political opponents, activists and journalists, the BJP has dismantled student unions and increasingly turned to shutting down the internet to stifle dissent and control the population. All the while, eroding the mechanisms for civil resistance as horrific mob violence increases and Hindu Supremacist Fascism becomes even more powerful.

This is the most effective and powerful manifestation of Nationalist Supremacist Fascism globally. This seems to be where a lot of this supremacist fascism is heading elsewhere in the world or could in the future and it is something to begin immediately working against before it gains too much power. It is particularly difficult to combat because as a belief system, as a political belief system to organize around it seems to be very stable. It cannot be confronted and ultimately beat on the national level because the framing of the debate on the national level favors them. And the assembled coalition of opposition is unstable, and in the context of nationalism, of the nation-state, they will probably not win. This applies everywhere, whether it is in India or China or Europe or the US..

I am left wondering what can be done outside of India but to keep drawing a light to this ongoing struggle. How can someone better help those who are inside of India resisting this power?

The only stable and lasting resistance will have to be global. This revolutionary resistance will need to network and coordinate to be able to marshal resources to local resistances who share a vision of a better world. This resistance will need to unite the broad base of anti-authoritarian movements and ideas around the world if it is to win. And appeal to the deep sense that people have that they should rule over their own lives and be free.