Critic of New Saudi Regime Presumed Dead and Dismembered at Saudi Consulate in Istanbul

Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist and critic of the Saudi regime is still missing and presumed murdered and dismembered inside the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul. Turkish officials believe he was murdered in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul last week. Khashoggi had been living and working in the United States before he traveled to the Saudi Consulate in Turkey to get a document he needed to get married. He hasn’t been seen since.

The Washington Post reports a group of about 15 Saudi men traveled to Istanbul to kill Khashoggi as he visited the consulate. Saudi officials have denied the report and say they don’t know the journalist’s whereabouts. His wife waited outside as her fiance walked into the consulate. He never walked out.

“This is a horrific escalation in the crown prince’s campaign to silence dissent, to silence any criticism, even the mildest of criticism, from Saudis at home or abroad,” says columnist Mehdi Hasan.



Photograph JamalKahshoggi by Alfagih at Arabic Wikipedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0