Protests in Alabama as Police Admit Killing Wrong Man

Hundreds of people gathered where Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr was killed by police on Thursday night in Birmingham. The group marched to protest against the killing of a young black man who police erroneously believed was a gunman. Protesters held a moment of silence where Bradford Jr was killed.

Police mistook Emantic as the gunman who shot and wounded two people, but later retracted that statement and were left searching for the gunman. Police initially said an officer shot Bradford Jr because he was seen “brandishing a handgun” while fleeing the scene.

Bradford Jr’s stepmother described him as a respectful young man and the son of a Birmingham police officer. His father, Emantic Bradford Sr, said his son had a permit to carry a weapon for self-defense and it was hurtful that police portrayed his son as the shooter.

The family wants to know if there is body cam video of the shooting. Police have not confirmed if any exists.



Image Adapted From: “Justice for All March – Dec. 13, 2014” by fuseboxradio is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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