Statement from Mapuche Political Prisoners in Angol Prison, Chile

This statement comes from the Mapuche political prisoners incarcerated in the Angol Prison and addresses the recent killing of Mapuche Camilo Catrillanca:

As the Mapuche political prisoners in the Angol Prison, we address our Mapuche people, the national and international society, and in particular the family of the weichafe Camilo Catrillanca.

First, we offer our sincere condolences to those directly affected. We all hold directly responsible the Chilean State that through its current government, has again assassinated a Mapuche in Wallmapu. This demonstrates the tremendous political error committed by Piñera, militarizing Mapuche territory and ignoring the fundamental demand of our Mapuche Nation. This is not a coincidence, it is the consequence of business commitments and the fact that profits serve personal and friendly interests.

With this, we want to make clear that the police are peons of the state, incapable of thinking. They receive orders from the government that decided to give them weapons of war to assassinate the Mapuche people. Here, those truly responsible for the death of our peñi Camilo Catrillanca Marín are: Piñera, Chadwick, Luis Mayol, Hermes Soto.

As Mapuche political prisoners we want to make it clear that no Plan Araucanía will have positive results if the Mapuche aren’t listened to in their demand for the return of all Mapuche territory.

We make a widespread call to our people to unite and organize the struggle, to continue until we achieve the return of our territory and the liberation of our people.






Image: “Marcha por Camilo Catrillanca 21 de Noviembre 2018” by Germán Rojo is in the Public Domain