Whales Stranded on Beach in New Zealand Leaving 145 Dead

145 pilot whales have died after getting stranded on a beach in New Zealand.

Someone walking on the beach discovered the whales along Mason Bay. Half the whales had already died by the time of their discovery and the other half were put down.

In other incidents, a group of pygmy whales and a sperm whale were stranded in New Zealand over the weekend.

The pilot whales were beached in two groups about a mile apart on a remote beach on Rakiura. The Department of Conservation said that whale strandings are not uncommon in New Zealand, but in most cases just a single animal is beached and not a whole pod.

12 pygmy whales were found stranded on North Island. Four of them died. There are hopes that the remaining whales can still be rescued and efforts are underway to float the whales back into the ocean on Tuesday.

On a different North Island beach a sperm whale died on Saturday, and last week a stranded whale filled with plastics died on the shores of Kapota Island in Indonesia.



Photo: “pilot whale strandings” by Oregon State University is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0