Imprisoned Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Is Being Tortured by US Authorities

Jeremy Hammond, member of the hacktivist network Anonymous, is currently spending a decade in prison for allegedly exposing that the private intelligence firm Stratfor had been spying on human rights defenders for corporations and governments. WikiLeaks published these files in partnership with dozens of media organizations around the world as the Global Intelligence Files.

Accused of “minor assault” by an overly aggressive prison guard, for accidentally being bumped, Jeremy is now being tortured in solitary confinement. The guard, at Michigan’s Federal Correctional Institute-Milan, made the accusation against Hammond on November 19 or 20. According to the Jeremy Hammond Support Network he has been held in solitary ever since.

The guard claims Hammond hit him with a door and “stood his ground,” and pushed his shoulder into the guard. Jeremy Hammond’s support network says the prison guard’s account is overblown. Jeremy was exiting his unit through a door that has no windows and could not see the guard and accidentally bumped the guard with the door. The overly aggressive guard challenged Jeremy to a fight, then grabbed and slammed him against a wall and dragged him to solitary, against prison protocol.

Clearly it’s absurd to classify bumping someone with a door as assault and to think it is appropriate to subject the person who bumped you to torture. It is yet another example of the wildly unchecked power and abuse that are endemic to American prisons.


A message from the Jeremy Hammond’s Support Network:

Please, at this time, we are asking that members of the general public do not call the prison. The situation is extremely delicate. However, you can write to Jeremy and we encourage everyone to do that! His address is:

Jeremy Hammond, #18729-424

FCI Milan

P.O.Box 1000

Milan, MI 48160


Photo: Photo of Jeremy Hammond by is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0