Any person openly spouting off about sabotage should be avoided, as they may be an agent provocateur.

Monkeywrenching: is a term used to describe nonviolent disobedience and sabotage as a means of striking at the Earth’s destroyers where they are committing their crimes. The term has expanded to include the sabotage of other instruments of authoritarianism and control, as well.

The term came into use after the publication of Edward Abbey’s book “The Monkey Wrench Gang,” that describes the activities of a group of “environmental warriors” in the U.S. southwest.

Monkeywrenching is a step beyond civil disobedience. It is nonviolent, aimed only at inanimate objects. It is one of the last steps in defense of the wild, a deliberate action taken when almost all other measures have failed.

Again, People openly spouting off about sabotage should be avoided, they are not safe, and they may be an agent provocateur.

Targets are carefully picked for their strategic value. There is a time and a place for everything. Knowing when not to engage in sabotage is equally of value. For instance, monkeywrenching during public civil disobedience would jeopardize those present.



Photo: “Hackney anti-surveillance micro-bots” by Matt Biddulph is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0