Tens of Thousands Protest Corruption in Mongolia

Mongolia: Tens of thousands of people have taken the streets to protest corruption. Anger directed at the government is exasperated by common dissatisfaction with quality of life and the state of the economy.

Protesters braved temperatures 20 degrees below zero in the capital Ulaanbaatar on Thursday. Organizers estimated nearly 25,000 people took part in the protest and local media described the demonstration as the second largest ever.

Protesters focused their anger on Mongolia’s parliamentary speaker, Enkhbold Miyegombo, and the main ruling parties.

Anger is rising over a long-running corruption case against Enkhbold and other political figures for selling off government positions for tens of millions of dollars. Protesters held up placards with messages such as “We Demand Enkhbold Resign.”



Photo: “Frozen Capital” by joanne clifford  is licensed under CC BY 2.0