Nurses Protest at Several Philadelphia Hospitals

Nurses protested outside several Philadelphia hospitals demanding a fair contract. They are protesting unfair labor contracts with for profit hospital’s Hahnemann University Hospital and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. The nurses union is negotiating a deal for about 1,400 nurses.

Nurses say they say they need more workers to care for patients. Nurses on the picket lines say it is not a strike, but they are picketing so the community understands what’s happening inside the hospitals.

Nurses have not been able to agree on the terms for a new contract with the for-profit company that owns the hospitals, AAHS, a subsidiary of Paladin Healthcare. Nurses say they are committed to patient care and stress that without proper staff, patient care suffers.

Nurses are now held hostage for caring for as many patients as they possibly can, to reduce costs for the hospital and make more money, but the practice is unsafe. It’s a recipe for medical errors happen, and that’s how patients get hurt.

Nurses say they hope an agreement is reached and a strike will not be necessary.



Photo: “330-PS-8145 (USN 709740)” by National Museum of the U.S. Navy  is in the Public Domain