Study Finds Most Renters in US Cities Experience Housing Insecurity

A new study shows that the majority of renters in 25 U.S. cities experience some form of housing insecurity, by measuring housing insecurity along five metrics; high housing costs relative to income, poor housing quality, unstable neighborhoods, overcrowding, and homelessness.

The differences between cities are significant. Miami, the city that showed the highest levels of housing insecurity for renters, had twice as many households facing three or more indicators of housing insecurity than households in Boston.

Los Angeles, Detroit and New York City all had high rates of housing insecurity, but for very different reasons. LA and New York are facing severe problems with affordability and crowding, while Detroit’s level of renter insecurity is due to issues of housing conditions and poverty.



Photo: “Crooked house” by Don McCullough is licensed under CC BY 2.0