Palestinians Mourn Woman Killed by Israeli Forces at Protest

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered Saturday for the funeral of a woman killed by Israeli forces. Her murder is this year’s first killing during weekly mass demonstrations near the perimeter fence.

Amal al-Taramsi, a 43-year-old activist, was shot during a protest. She regularly attended a weekly demonstration near the perimeter fence. A human rights group said she was around 200 meters from the perimeter when she was shot.

Her murder is the first of the year at demonstrations which see consistent violence. Of 186 Palestinians killed since the protests were launched last spring, only three have been women. Israeli forces have shot and wounded thousands of Palestinians since the protests began.

The demonstrations draw Palestinians of all ages, but most gather several hundred meters from the fence.



Photo: “Gaza city suq (Palestine)” by Ahron de Leeuw is licensed under CC BY 2.0