Massacre of Unarmed Civilians in Haiti

More than 20 people were murdered in the La Saline neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on November 13th of last year. A group of masked men in police vehicles and police uniforms opened fire on unarmed residents of an impoverished neighborhood before going door to door and dragging out men and executing them in alleyways with guns and machetes.

Some speculated that Haitian government officials had orchestrated the killings to prevent anti-corruption protests in the opposition stronghold. Others claimed the group were corrupt police officers working with gangs.

The men arrived in Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital, in a police truck, carrying ‘pikes’ machetes and guns. At first residents assumed the police were there because of gang activity in the area, until they opened fire.

The UN, who is investigating the murders, has been involved in past massacres carried out by police forces. One massacre was carried out under similar circumstances to the recent one and occurred the year before on the same day, November 13th.