Gaza Hospitals Plead for Help Amid Fuel Shortage, Children’s Lives in Danger

Hundreds of patients face an unknown fate as Israel continues to block vital Qatari funds into Gaza. A ministry spokesman, said hospitals will have to shut down their generators due to the fuel crisis. Children on dialysis machines are the most threatened by the fuel shortage.

In 2017, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stopped Palestinian Authority funds for fuel in the Gaza Strip. Abbas’s Fatah party and Hamas have been at odds for the last decade, after Hamas took control of Gaza.

Soon after Hamas took over Gaza, Israel imposed a siege on Gaza. The siege, combined with the conflict between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, has devastated Gaza’s infrastructure and living conditions.

Abbas’s fuel embargo made the situation worse with electricity supplies dropping to about 50 percent of what they should be.

International donations had kept the generators running, but now those funds are coming to an end. A Qatari grant that had been keeping the power plant in Gaza active has now been refused entry by Israel for a second week. The grant was reducing the number of hours hospitals needed to rely on their diesel generators.



Photo: “Injured Child, Gaza” by Gigi Ibrahim is licensed under CC BY 2.0