10,000+ People Take the Streets in 8th Week of Protests in Serbia

Protesters are demanding press freedom and reforms to the electoral system. 10,000 people marched through Belgrade to protest President Aleksandar Vučić. This weekend was the eighth consecutive week of anti-government protests in Serbia.

Protests have been against the rule of President Vučić and his Serbian Progressive Party. Protesters are demanding media freedom as a precondition for free elections.

Protests were brought together by a loose grouping of 30 opposition groups, who wore badges reading “It has started” and chanted “Vučić thief.”

The President previously said he would not give in to opposition demands for electoral reform and increased media freedom “even if there were 5 million people in the street.”



“Aleksandar Vucic-0218” by Franz Johann Morgenbesser is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0