Far-Right Polish Group Leads Anti-Semitic Protest at Auschwitz During Memorial Ceremony

A small group of far-right Polish nationalists organized an anti-Semitic protest during a Memorial ceremony at Auschwitz. They held the demonstration inside the former concentration camp while official Holocaust commemorations were underway Sunday.

The leader of the protesters was once jailed for burning an effigy of a Jewish person.

Holocaust survivors placed flowers at an execution wall inside the camp, which has been made into a museum.

When an Polish opposition politician asked on Twitter what the current right-wing government would do to stamp out growing anti-Semitism, the interior minister said, “React to what? To the fact that someone is not in their right mind and blames all the evil in this world and his frustrations on a particular nation?”



Photo: “20121106_2034” by Marco Ghitti is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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