Hundreds being held in appalling conditions in New York Jail, stuck in dark freezing cells

Hundreds of men and women imprisoned in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn have spent days in cold, dark cells amid frigid weather, without access to visitors or email. Those trapped inside the federal jail in New York City have been banging on the prison windows in a desperate attempt to draw attention to their suffering.

Attorneys for those locked inside say they are in full lock down in their dark cells. Temperatures as low as 34 degrees have been reported from those inside.

There’s been limited electricity, heat and hot water at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn since at least Sunday, January 27th. All visits from lawyers and family members have been canceled. Many are saying officials have disregarded the basic human rights of the men and women being held at the facility.

Lawyers for several locked inside have filed motions asking courts to do something, citing health risks. For those trapped inside, the only communication with the outside has been through a phone dedicated only for calls to Federal Defenders, so anyone represented by other attorneys haven’t been able to contact them.



Photo: “Brooklyn MDC” by Jim.henderson is in the Public Domain  


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