British Army Authorized to Kill Unarmed People According to Report

British troops were allowed to shoot unarmed people in Iraq and Afghanistan, revealed by a report published in London based Middle East Eye by author Ian Cobain.

The authorization to kill unarmed people led to “a killing spree,” according to a former soldier. He said troops were told they would be protected if there were any investigations.

The report included interviews from several former British soldiers who confirmed they were given orders to shoot unarmed people suspected of surveilling them. One soldier in southern Iraq said he and other troops were allowed to shoot anyone who acted suspiciously.

Former British soldiers said they witnessed cover-ups with “drop guns.” In one case of soldiers using drop guns, a witness saw soldiers plant weapons next to the bodies of two unarmed teenage boys killed by British troops in Afghanistan. 



Photo: “090103-UKA-ELMER-057” by ResoluteSupportMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0