San Francisco Authorities Confiscate Tents from Unsheltered Survivors of Crushing Poverty Hours Before Major Storm

Hours before a major storm arrived in San Francisco, city authorities seized tents and survival equipment from the most vulnerable in the city. Without the tents, thousands of people on San francisco’s streets are left without shelter of any kind from the incoming storm.

Despite the fact San Francisco has managed to banish thousands of people without housing from the city, thousands more still live on San Francisco’s streets. As the storm headed in, they made desperate efforts to find shelter, something the city has made little effort to properly provide. 1,200 people sat on waitlists for shelter beds.

There is a disparity between the city’s resource rich capacity to provide for the poor and what the city actually provides for the poor. The disparity and the violent way the homeless are abused and expelled from their shelters could be seen as a violation of human rights.

During the last big storm in San Francisco, the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing rolled out just 25 additional “emergency” mats. For this storm they increased it by 50 to 75 for thousands of people with no place to go.

Confiscating people’s tents is nothing new for the city, San Francisco has been doing it for years. People who live on the streets report that the confiscations appear to increase before storms. Many suspect these callous inhumane violations of human rights are part of a wider agenda to push people who are homeless out of the city.



Photo: “Untitled” by Shannon Badiee is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0