Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinian Teenagers in the 46th Week of Gaza Protests

This Friday, Israeli troops killed two Palestinian teenagers during protests along the fence separating Israel and Gaza. Hassan Shalabi, 14, and Hamza Ishtiwi, 18, were killed by Israeli troops and another 17 protesters were wounded at five separate Gaza demonstration sites, the Gaza Health Ministry reported.

Palestinian protests along the fence are in their 46th week. More than 250 Palestinians have been killed and more than 6,000 injured by Israeli troops during the period.

Around 7,000 people were protesting at several points along the fence the military said. A spokesman for the military said, “They are hurling rocks at [Israeli] troops and towards the security fence, as well as a number of explosive devices that did not cross the fence.” The spokesman said Israeli troops “responded with riot dispersal means and fired according to standard operating procedures.”

Around 2 million people live in Gaza, which faces a severe humanitarian crisis. For nearly a year as part of the Great March of Return, Palestinians have been protesting for an end to the blockade on Gaza and for recognition of their right to return home. The Great March of Return began March 30 2018.



Photo: “Wall in Aida Refugee Camp” by The Advocacy Project is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0