Australia Signs $33 Billion “Strategic Partnership” With France to Build 12 Attack-Class Submarines

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison praised the plan to buy attack-class submarines, saying it was the most money Australia had ever spent on weapons in peacetime.

What is being characterized as the partnership’s “main pillar” is a contract with France’s Naval Group, a state backed consortium to build 12 attack-class submarines.

At roughly US $34 billion, this is Australia’s largest ever weapons procurement contract and the largest ever foreign sales deal by Naval Group, France’s defense company.

The waters to Australia’s north and east are the scene of an intense struggle, with the US trying to continue to enforce its interests, and as China and other regional powers are vying for greater influence.



Photo: “160517-N-XX333-001” by Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet is in the Public Domain


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