Record Number of Robots Shipped to North American Companies in 2018

A record number of 35,880 robots were shipped to North American companies in 2018, according to the Robotic Industries Association.

Almost half of the robots went to non-automotive industries, including to food and consumer goods companies. The automotive industry has been highly automated for a long time, but now other industries are beginning to realize the benefits of automation. Still, the automotive industry accounted for 53 percent of total robot shipments to companies in North America.

The Brookings Institution released a report in January that said 36 million jobs will face “high exposure” to automation in the coming years. Another 52 million jobs, will face “medium exposure.” The report also explained that there are no fields that won’t be impacted by automation and artificial intelligence.



Photo: “LOOKING FOR ANY JOB” by Billie Grace Ward is licensed under CC BY 2.0