Pentagon Spent $4.6 Million on Lobster Tail and Crab in One Month

According to the group Open the Books, the Pentagon spent $4.6 million on lobster tail and crab in September of last year.

In the final month of the fiscal year, US government agencies are in a mad dash to spend all of their budgeted money. If an agency comes in under budget, they might get less money allocated to them the following year. 

Federal agencies spent $544.1 billion on outside contractors during the last year. Of that total amount, almost $97 billion was spent in September 2018, the final month of the fiscal year and $53.3 billion was spent in just the last seven days of the term.

The Department of Defense spent the most of any agency, $61.2 billion in the last month. The companies receiving the most money were three military contractors and weapons manufacturers. Lockheed Martin got $8.3 billion, Boeing received $5.3 billion, and $3.4 billion was given to Raytheon.



Image adapted from “Lobster” by Quinn Dombrowski is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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