100,000 Rally for Catalan Independence From Spain

Supporters renewed calls for independence and self determination for Catalonia and protested the trials of 12 leaders of the Catalan independence movement. The organizers said 120,000 people attended, well beyond expectations. The rally was organized by more than 60 groups from all over Spain.

The demonstration was organized by supporters of Catalan Independence, around the slogan: “Self-determination is not a crime. Democracy is about deciding.”

The event went ahead peacefully despite threats from far-right groups opposed to Catalan independence. The marchers were surrounded by a heavily militarized police force.

Twelve pro-independence Catalan leaders are on trial in Madrid over their alleged roles in the independence movement, including holding a referendum and following the results of the referendum by declaring independence.



Photo: “Freedom for Political Prisoners banner, El Born, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain” by Cory Doctorow is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0