Scientists Could Be on the Brink of Discovering a Mirror Universe

If a mirror universe exists, two experiments could reveal it. Reported by New Scientist, two experiments are currently underway to search for evidence of a mirror universe. Proof of a ‘mirrorverse’ could help solve many unanswered questions physicists have.

The first experiment is being conducted by physicist Leah Broussard and her team at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. In order to detect a mirror universe, an apparatus will fire a beam of neutrons at a wall with different magnetic fields on either side of the wall. 

If any neutrons manage to appear behind the wall, it will be strong evidence that they oscillated into the mirror universe, passed the wall because it exists in a different part of the universe, and then came back to hit the detector in our universe.

The second experiment is from Klaus Kirch and his team at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. They applied magnetic fields to neutrons, trying to find signs of mirror magnetic fields. This would suggest neutrons moving between universes, supporting any evidence found by the team in Oak Ridge.

The second experiment has already been completed and the data is being analyzed.



Photo: “Mirror” by Matthias Uhlig is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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